Why you should use The Headshot Guy


Why should you book The Headshot Guy? It may seem easy but there’s a lot more to creating a professional headshot than sitting down in front of the camera and smiling. Unlike other general photographers who’ll typically take 100’s of photos to get one or two good ones I’ve developed a unique process which guarantees my clients become so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera every shot is a winner, no matter how unphotogenic they think they are.

It’s not about the equipment either. What I do is more about connection and rapport. I use my extensive experience from photographing people including The Queen and David Beckham to leading entrepreneurs and business professionals to quickly build trust, put them at ease and coach them how to look fantastic on camera.

I work with my clients from the very outset to understand their reasons for needing a professional headshot, the messages they want to communicate and any worries or concerns they have about being photographed so the image we capture jump out of the page and immediately engages with the viewer. Being a specialist means I’m concentrating on the micro expressions and details that turn an ordinary shot into a WOW one.

I’m a big believer in specialising in your niche. I am not a general photographer and don’t photograph weddings, family portraits, babies, pets and products etc. I only do headshots that help you stand out from the crowd.

My mission is to Light People Up and leave them with a photo which has them saying “WOW, I look amazing…”