The Natural Look

As a photographer I always have to consider image. The Oxford Dictionary defines image as ‘a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art’. When the time is approaching for their headshot to be taken, clients often ask me about their image. How should they dress, what colours should they wear, what about their glasses and, from women mainly, how should they do their make-up. My recommendation every time is to go for the natural look!

A great example of natural make-up
A great example of natural make-up

It has become increasingly common for young women to go to the extreme with make-up. It could be the middle of Winter and I see young women walking round with so much foundation on it looks like they just returned from St. Tropez. Unfortunately, it just looks out of place and (I’ve been told) you should always try to match your foundation and blusher to your skin tone – to make it blend in with your skin colour and to make it look natural. The same goes for eye make-up; on camera it is true that less is more! It is important that the eyes be as clear and open as possible so the smile can come shining through.

A great example of the right amount of make-up comes from Shooting Beauty. They use make-up to enhance certain features such as the lips or the eyes but still in a relatively natural way.

I recently met Denise through the magic of Twitter. She offers make-up services for whether you are just looking for a new look, you have a special event coming up or you are unsure of which colours will work best for you. I’d definitely recommend checking out her website and getting in touch with any questions you may have. Here are Denise’s top tips on style and colour.