What I’ve learnt with The Headshot Guy

What I’ve learnt with The Headshot Guy.

Having been on the client side of the camera as well as beginning to work with John Cassidy (The Headshot Guy), I have perceived how much is involved behind the scenes of photography as well as the day-to-day practical side of the role.

My Headshot
My Headshot

On the client side:

I know how much I hate having my photograph taken. I am so un-photogenic (which apparently everybody says as you can see here). Being in front of the bright lights and the camera, I felt awkward, uncomfortable and found it hard to relax. Once John had begun chatting away, I found that I naturally began to calm down and that the thought of being the centre of attention had diminished. It made me realise how much energy and skill does go into being the photographer. After an hour session, I had a great selection to choose from as well as the choice for John to airbrush certain blemishes for me. I can see why he has the reputation of being ‘The Headshot Guy’ and I believe John has truly found his niche.

On the supplier side:

Having attended networking events with John, I have been able to appreciate the amount of work he puts into each event. John is not only a notorious event speaker but, at each event, he will do a variety of free headshots for all attendees; of which at least 20 pictures are taken of each person.

I believe this is what makes him bespoke. Each person gets the required amount of time to get a good shot and the best ones are chosen, emailed over to each attendee and then the shot that the client is happy with is given to them free of charge. If the attendee wants a higher resolution headshot or an edited/airbrushed image then they can pay a reasonable fee and this will be emailed over within the week. I believe this is an efficient personalised service as well as a brilliant marketing tool as it gives people a chance to see John’s work at no cost and many of the businessmen and women that are on the receiving end of the camera tend to book in for full sessions; whether this is for themselves or for team headshots. You can see the advantage to team photos here.

The Headshot Guy
John doing headshots at The Oyster Club birthday bash – Home House, London

Having been doing some of the back of house work including administration and watching the editing online, I have found that there is great value for money within John’s product and I am looking forward to my next meeting with him in which we are going to a barristers chamber in London to photograph 80 barristers for their new website. This includes a headshot as well as an animated shot… Watch this space for my update.