The Cover Model Makeover

Self-image is something that I believe we all struggle with. There is always room for improvement or an imperfection we put too much emphasis on. How much time do you spend criticising your appearance? And it doesn’t help when¬†there’s all these flawless celebrities that we see on the covers of various magazines looking oh so perfect, in proportion and gorgeous.

What would you give to look like them?

Buzzfeed gave four women this opportunity. They selected these four women to take part in an experiment. They had their hair and make-up done professionally and were photographed in a professional shoot, these images were then edited by a professional to give the desired cover model look. It’s safe to say that the ladies were not overly enthused by the results.

The images had been changed so much that they themselves did not think the photos looked like them. One of the women goes as far to say after their hair, make-up and clothes have been chosen for them and then their imperfections are removed ‘there’s not much left of who you really are’.

It’s true for the vast majority of us – this is how, in an ideal world, we would like to look but how bizarre would it be to see your image and barely be able to recognise yourself?!

I’m not perfect, far from it but I’m making a conscious effort to accept myself the way that I am and to be comfortable with myself and my appearance and I’d encourage everyone to do the same.