Should You Have Your Make-Up Done Professionally?

Professional Make-up for PhotographyNowadays headshots are required for a vast number of different industries. It’s no longer solely actors that need a professional headshot to stand out. A question that I am often asked when ladies (well…mainly) book in to have their headshot taken is if and how they should have their make-up done.

There are a number of different aspects to take into consideration when it comes to make-up and hair too.

Are you going for a specific look in your headshot? Although this tends to apply more for people in the entertainment industry.

How confident are you at applying your own make-up and styling your own hair? If you are not completely comfortable doing these yourself then I would definitely advise bringing a professional hair and make-up artist in.

Do you have any blemishes or imperfections that you are insecure about? Having your make-up done professionally can cover these up brilliantly making the client less self-conscious when it comes to being photographed.

Many women have said to me throughout the years that they are not particularly phased by looking younger but that they want their headshot to reflect their current age and not make them look any older having a professional make-up artist come in is the best solution for that issues too.

It is not completely necessary that a professional does come in to do make-up it completely depends on the look that you are going for and what you want to portray through your headshot. For the majority of women I would recommend going for a very natural look in regards to make-up unless there is a specific look that you are hoping to achieve.

Make-up for Photography

Here is a list of products recommended by make-up artist Hayley Campbell for when having your headshot done.

If you do have any questions about having your make-up done professionally please get in touch by clicking here. Or get in touch via Twitter.