Publicising your business

Publicising your business – In these challenging times there are many different ways you can publicise your business. One is through PR – writing articles for specialist or general publications.

Most business owners have expert knowledge in their field and can use that knowledge to gain new customers. Find the right angle and it is amazing how many publications are eager to print your article. This gets your name, and web site address, in front of a targeted audience in much greater numbers than you could ever do through a mailing or telephone campaign. You won’t necessarily get paid for your article, but you will get the free publicity, which can be worth much, much more.

Illustrating your article appropriately makes a big difference – everyone’s eyes are drawn to a picture and its caption – so make maximum use of illustrations and photographs.

There is one photograph which you should pay particular attention to – the photograph of the author. I am often amazed at how much trouble people put into an article only to let themselves down with a dreadful photograph. Think about the image you want to project – professional, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable – then make sure your photograph is working for you.

There are many local, national, specialist and general publications that you can approach. Often they will provide general photographs or illustrations themselves to perk up your article, but only you can make sure that the photograph of the author is conveying the right message.

I have known of lucrative contracts being awarded following an enquiry from a case study write-up. So it’s definitely worth a go. It’s also great fun being published.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing and give me a call to book your portrait. I’ll make sure your image speaks volumes.