Photography for your business

Photography for your business – What is the best way to utilise? Your brand values are reflected in everything from the words you use to the design of your marketing materials and the way your staff answer the phone.  A mismatch between any of these elements will weaken your business image.

Don’t forget that it takes seconds for someone to make up their minds about you and your company.  How many times have you looked at a website, business card or brochure and been put off by the unprofessional quality of the design, graphics or typeface?

Photographs speak volumes – if you and your people are at the forefront of communicating your business message, then it’s vital that the photographs you use create the right impression first time.  And if you have a great product, you should be doing it justice by presenting it in the best way possible.  Using the services of a professional photographer will help you send out the right message about your business.  Good photography can enhance an already great brand; poor photography can damage that brand’s credibility in seconds by sending out the message that you don’t really care how you and your business are perceived.

How using a professional photographer can help you create the right business image:-

  • By using professional lighting techniques at all times
  • Matching the style of photography to your business image
  • Advising on the type of clothing that will work best for a portrait session
  • Posing subjects in the best way
  • Being aware of and sensitive to the feelings of those being photographed

In return, you will benefit from:-

  • A consistent style for all your marketing material which supports and enhances your business image
  • Professionally lit portraits and product shots at all times
  • An ongoing relationship with a fellow professional who, in effect, becomes another member of your team whom you can call on whenever you need to
  • Professional presentation and post-production of all your images
  • More time for you to spend on running your business