Your personality is just so you! Whether you are introvert, extrovert, bubbly, thoughtful, funny, serious or a dangerous mixture of all the above – your personality is what presents the inner you to the outer world.

The people who know you already appreciate you and your personality. That’s why they work or hang out with you. But making new contacts is different. Often we have very little time to get across a complex message about who we are. A photograph that captures the magic of your particular personality can do just that.

That’s what I do with my portrait photographs: I capture the look that sums up you and your personality. Like a portrait painter of times gone by, I can guide you with what you wear, how you look and the composition of the final image – it all adds up to give the world a glimpse of who you are.

Last week on The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar said:

“Personality has the power to opens doors, but character keeps them open.”

Whether you love or hate The Apprentice, you have to admit there is more than a grain of truth in that.

A great image of you is a way of starting a conversation, a job, or a friendship. Keeping the conversation going, getting promotion in your work, or keeping a life-long friend is down to your character and your hard work.

BTW I can get a whole lot of personality into just one picture. So come on, let your personality shine through, and start opening some doors.