November Newsletter

November Newsletter – Thank you for taking the time to read

Headshot Mistake #2 – Using an old or outdated photo

Who are you trying to kid? You’re not the only one getting old – that’s life and it happens to everyone.

So what if you’re a little heavier, have a few more grey hairs or those laughter lines are more visible than ten years ago? It’s you!

Be authentic. Your online photo needs to look like you now. Having an up to date photo helps people to recognise you, especially when they meet you for the first time.


Sir Matthew Pinsent & James Cracknell

John Cassidy Headshots London Cracknell Pinsent

I went over to Milan to photograph Sir Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell to accompany an article in The Times newspaper. Matthew and James were competing part in a World Championship rowing event at the time and I met up with them at their hotel which had the most beautiful black marble flooring in the lobby. As I bent down I noticed it created a brilliant natural reflection which shimmered just like water so I knew that was the shot. When Matthew and James arrived I got them sit down whilst I laid down on the floor so I got the maximum amount of reflection. I lit this simply with 2 flashes and deliberately underexposed the background to add some mood. I’ve photographed Matthew and James several times and always loved their willingness to work with me and my ideas, especially during the middle of world championship event…


Illuminating Brands – Lyndon Wood

I met up and photographed Lyndon Wood, Ecademy’s new Chairman & CEO a few weeks ago and really love the way he’s using the different versions of his headshots on his various profiles (below). In fact he didn’t waste any time in getting them uploaded and they were online as soon as I ftp’d them to him…

I first met Lyndon earlier this year at a Peace One Day Business Insights Event, where I am a patron. The first thing I noticed (apart from his height) was his purple suit which started our conversation. It turns out that he has a very talented nephew James Smith @jsbespoketailor whose company hand make bespoke suits in England.

Lyndon didn’t disappoint and brought a number of his colourful suits to the session (as well as his red shoes – although I haven’t looked at the foot-shots market yet..!) all of which I just had to use as they are a big part of his brand (as flowery shirts are to mine).

I found Lyndon very open and honest and I liked his no nonsense, straight talking attitude. We had a great conversation about business, ecademy, cars (he was just back from the Paris Motor Show), MMA and of course his suits… It was brilliant to hear his plans for taking ecademy forward and I am eagerly waiting for the new platform to be revealed early next year.

And Lyndon’s comments on his headshots: “A picture says a thousand words or more, 1001 when done properly. More confidence and a greater image that reflects my character now that I have some proper photos more professional feel too…”

Headshot Tip – Prepare, prepare, prepare…


This is important. Get yourself together and make sure that you prepare properly so you’re looking and feeling great on the day of your shoot. Get a good night’s sleep, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. Treat yourself to a facial or a massage. Even consider having a consultation with an image expert who can help you choose colours and styles that suit you best.

Competition Time

This month I’m offering one lucky reader the opportunity to have a headshot session with me at Central London or Berkshire studio.

To win, simply send me your current headshot photo. The worst one wins!


Note: the headshot must currently be in use on a social media profile e.g. LinkedIn, Ecademy, Twitter etc, so a screengrab is required (and we will be checking…)

Thank you for reading the November Newsletter.

All entries must be received by midnight, Monday 10th December and the winner will be announced in a special blog on Friday 14th December.