What is it really like to work with The Headshot Guy?

What is it really like to work with The Head Shot Guy?

Over the last few weeks I have received many, many compliments about how photogenic and beautiful I am.

This is not normal for me.

At all.

It is all because I have proudly displayed my new head shot from John Cassidy.

Heather Townsend The Excedia Group by The Headshot Guy
Heather Townsend The Excedia Group by The Headshot Guy

The camera normally doesn’t lie, and when it is in the hands of mere mortals it is not usually my friend. However, John Cassidy is no mere mortal when he gets behind the camera and captures your personality, warmth and smile in a headshot. He has proved that time and time again with other people, and managed to wave his magic wand (or should that be camera shutter finger) on all our team for our headshots.

So, what is it like to work with John?

The word that comes to mind is relaxed and fun. John took individual and group pictures of our ‘perfectly formed’ team of 3. Each of us independently reported back that John seemed to be able to get us to naturally and instantly smile to order.  I know when it came to my turn in front of the camera he quickly built a rapport with me, and experimented to find the exact angle to capture my ‘best side’.

The Excedia Group www.excedia.co.uk by The Headshot Guy
The Excedia Group www.excedia.co.uk by The Headshot Guy

He did the shoot on the Friday morning and on Monday morning we already had the unedited proofs for us to look through and choose. In fact choosing the proofs we wanted was the hardest part of the whole photo shoot. There were so many good ones. After some deliberation by all of us, we made our selection on-line and within 3 days the edited proofs (high resolution and low resolution versions) were back with us. Having worked with other photographers before, I was very impressed by the ‘shoot’ to ‘edited photo’ speed. Not many photography companies of John’s standing and quality would be able to deliver edited proofs ready for their clients to use within 5 working days.

Was any special kit needed?

John came up to our office to take the photos, so we literally did not need to lift a finger. As you would expect John brought his own kit, and if we needed it he would have supplied a make-up artist and hairdresser.

How did John help you prepare for the shoot?

Firstly because John was so easy-going, I don’t think any of us were at all fazed or worried by having our photo taken. Before the day John sent us over some helpful hints on how to prepare and what to wear.

Was John expensive?

I’d been recommended to John many, many times over the years and I had always held back because I was concerned he was going to be over my budget. In fact, John was anything but expensive. I now wish I had he taken my photo much, much earlier. I have had other photographers, who were not as good as John at head shots, charge significantly more than John AND then get very prickly about the copyright of the photo, and what we could or couldn’t use it for.

In summary:

Despite everything I have written here, if you are still undecided whether to work with John and his team, just look at the beautiful photos he took of the three of us. Don’t you deserve to have a head shot which makes you look and feel great?