If Only For a Second

People often have a lot of negative things to say about the internet and I’ll admit there is a lot of worthless content online. However, every once in a while you come across a beautiful video such as this one and you realise that these gems are worth trawling the internet for. This is such a brilliant video from the Mimi Foundation¬†allowing cancer victims to be carefree once more, if only for a second.

There’s something so heart warming about this video albeit in a very sad sort of way. To see their eyes light up when they see themselves after the transformation is really quite breathtaking and humbling.

What I love the most about this video is the photography. The fact that a photograph can capture that single moment of expression where these 20 incredibly brave people are carefree once more if only for a second. It’s just as they explain it in the video and the photographer’s role is to capture an image that will immortalise a second of carefreeness. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with photography – with one single image you can remind people of everything they felt in that moment. The same will apply to these 20 people, they will be able to look at that photo and remember exactly how they felt when they saw themselves in the mirror and that is absolutely priceless and invaluable.

I hope that you found it as inspiring as I did, please pass the video on and share it on your various social media platforms and continue to immortalise they’re moment of carefreeness.