Headshots for Professional Services Companies

Headshots for Professional Services

Headshots for Professional services including Barristers, Solicitors, lawyers, Accountants is becoming key in an age where people will review a website before booking an appointment. Within professional services you are a key element of your brand, and its important that you take that brand seriously.

Using this headshot on your website can set you above your competitors. Your picture can set the first impression that a potential client will have of you and if that impression is wrong they may not want to find out anymore and move to looking at the next option. Its important that your picture reflects your role whilst leaving you looking approachable and understanding.

John Cassidy’s talent lies in bringing your personality out in a picture whilst retaining a professional and knowledgeable air. He has years of experience capturing headshots from a professional and business angle. He has captured some of the most effective headshots in London and across the UK. His natural ability to help you tell your “story” and demonstrate your calibre really helps to strengthen your brand.

If you are thinking about having corporate headshots for your whole team we have a number of options for you. These are a great way to bring together the team on your website and in publications.

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