Get digital

We have been digitized.  When the Prime Minister’s wife starts to Twitter, you know a revolution has not just started, but is already rolling. Get digital!

Digital social and business networking brings many opportunities, not least the ability to stay and get in touch with so many more people.  People who would ordinarily fall out of your circle of acquaintances can now happily be included and incorporated into an extended network.  Which is great – we are all connected to more people than we used to be. How do you think you can get digital in your workplace?

However, digital networking works best when it is given some thought and effort.  Thinking about your online presence pays handsomely.  I am always astonished at photographs cut from wedding snaps, images that are 20 years ago, or favourite skiing photos posted onto these sites.  I only hope that the people who post them give more thought to their physical presence.  Would they really turn up to a business meeting in ski pants?  I jest of course, but the underlying point is serious.  Make sure you have a good, professional and appropriate photograph of yourself.  Keep it up to date and reflective of the work you want to do.

Embrace change, don’t push it away.  Digital networking is truly a phenomenon that has swept individuals, professionals, companies and non-profit organisations off their feet.   Manage it proactively so that produces positive results for you.

Make sure the digital image of you that jumps off the digital page is the best you ever: if it doesn’t come and see me and let’s get digital!