Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

My best advice for clients having their headshot taken – don’t forget to have fun!

It always astounds me how nervous people get when stepping in front of the camera. I may have been having a great conversations with them just a few moments prior to them getting in place and in those micro seconds they have gone from being relaxed and natural to nervous and rigid! Although it still shocks me after spending this long in the industry I am now well equipped to deal with this change in demeanour.

The nerves and fear are quite natural, other than taking their selfies, it seems that the majority of people just aren’t all that comfortable when having their photo taken. I will always do my upmost to make people feel comfortable and to strike a rapport with every single one of my clients.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 11.30.13I absolutely love watching the client’s manner slow reverting back to being relaxed and natural and this is when they actually start to release their inhibitions and the fun begins. At the end of the day having your headshot taken should be an experience! And preferably, if I’m doing my job right, it should be an experience that you enjoy. It’s great when clients do become completely comfortable and really start to let loose. Anyone that has had their headshot taken with me will know that there are a few one-liners that are thrown out there that gage a great reaction – just take a look at a few of these outtakes.

Having a professional headshot taken can be daunting and intimidating but try to calm your nerves, enjoy your shoot and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!