Why headshots must be part of your business strategy

business strategyIt’s true, you know. A picture says a thousand words. Whether it’s a ‘meet the team’ page on your website or for your workforce’s LinkedIn profiles, proper headshots are an easy way to encapsulate your brand values. They really should be part of your business strategy. Give us two minutes to explain why.

Good headshots break down barriers

The assumption is that the digital world is faceless, impersonal and anonymous. We are living in an age of marketing where relationships and personal connections count. More than ever, the adage that ‘people do business with people’ rings true.

Your business strategy can be shown in your headshots

Your headshots provide a great chance to allude to what you do. Copywriting agency? Let’s use quills and typewriters as props. Mechanics? Pass us the wrench. Little touches like that, little bits of attention to detail, are remembered and speak volumes about the credibility and creativity of your business.

Creativity stands out

Let’s be honest. Most headshots, profile pictures and avatars are bland. In a world of generic headshots, a little thought provides a much-needed element of surprise – and surprise is always memorable. That’s great for your business.


Professional headshots go a long way

You can get a lot of mileage out of a one-day corporate headshot photoshoot. We’re talking digital assets for your social media networks, website, intranet, print collateral and more – in your choice of file formats and resolutions. It’s more than a display pic for LinkedIn.


Sound good?

Give us a little time with your team; get a portfolio of professional headshots. Book a headshot now and start reaping the benefits immediately.