Are vegetables key for your corporate photoshoot?

How to bring out your absolute best in a corporate photoshoot? Most of us will think of make up and hair styling products, but there are others ways to present yourself – quite literally – in the best possible light.

Many resort to self-tanning products to achieve a healthier glow, but few know there is a natural alternative to all those chemicals. If you have not included peppers and carrots in your weekly grocery shopping, here is a reason to consume them on a daily basis: these vegetables are not only good for your body, they can also give you a luminous skin shade.

Before you think the evidence is anecdotal, there has been plenty of research on what these veggies do to your skin. Volunteers were asked to consume a pepper a day (regardless of its colour), along with 150ml of carrot juice. Six weeks later the results were apparent.

Besides being rich in vitamin C, carrots and peppers contain carotanoid, a pigment responsible for skin colour changes. Before you start to worry about turning orange, the resulting colour was rated more attractive than the brown glow achieved by tanning – not to mention the artificial shade that comes straight from the spray can.

So instead of the nasties, why not stock up on vitamin C and develop a natural glow – all while consuming two of your five a day?