5 things you should know about your company “About Us” page


The first place you go to when researching a company is the ‘About Us’ page of their website. Believe it or not, the About Us page is usually the most visited page on the majority of websites. It is important that your company nails the ‘About Us’ page because this is the chance to make a great first impression and let people know what the business is all about.

5 things you must have on your About Us page to leave a great impression, engage the reader and keep them coming back for more.

  1. Grab their attention – Create an about me page on your website that looks aesthetically amazing and on brand! Use vibrant colours, creativity and an easy to read font – have it all in a neat and tidy package for the page visitor laid out with a little red bow on it! If you aren’t capable of designing an outstanding website, hire a web designer to do it for you, there’s no shame in that (unless the company you work for is a web designer).
  2. Keep it relevant – The reader arrives at the About Me page to get a summary of the company and what it can offer them. They didn’t come here to read an essay. Let’s not bore them. The best way to do this is to create a meaningful and honest depiction of what you’re all about and how your company can benefit them. Emphasize what your unique selling points are, what differentiates your company from your competitors and how you can benefit them. They don’t want a history of everything you’ve ever done, just the relevant stuff.
  3. Professional team Headshots –Don’t forget the corporate team professional headshot this will immediately draw the eyes of the viewer to something on your page and it engages them in a way that text simply can’t do. A professional headshot builds trust as they can already see who you are. It also shows that the company cares about its brand image. Along with a whole host of other things, this is the chance to get your professional headshot taken. For even more reasons to get your boss to think about corporate team professional headshots click here. 
  4. Use a testimonial – Or at least link to some. Nothing boosts your credibility more than someone else saying it. We know it sounds like bragging but sometimes you really have to flaunt it! Sure, it’s great that you think you’re an expert in your industry but do other people? It’s in your best interest to say you’re great in your field but when someone else says you’re great, that’s when people really start believing it.
  5. Provide contact details and a call to Action – don’t give the reader the opportunity for their eyes to wander! If they’re thoroughly impressed with your about me page it’s best to provide them some way to get in contact with you right now while their emotions are most heightened and your company is at the forefront of their thoughts. Leave a contact field at the bottom, provide a sign-up page for email notifications, give them an opportunity for a free quote. Take advantage of their attention while you have it.

Help your boss ensure their about us page is the best it can be – book in a professional headshot for the whole team

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