3 Nov

Starting on the 3 Nov, we’ve had a busy week marketing and networking as well as a few photography commissions. When networking it’s vital that you follow up on good leads. I always write details on any business cards I receive, such as where we met and a couple of notes on what we talked about, whether it be a business portrait, website photography interest or when to contact them if they’re not in the market right now.

I always follow up leads with an email or phone call. If it’s a potential alliance segment then I try to arrange a “one to one” to have a longer chat. This is great because often other ideas will come out that you hadn’t even thought about such as “have you thought of….” This then plants another idea “seed” in your mind. And from small seeds grow large forests……

Met up with my Business Link advisor Nicholas Glover who suggested a couple of areas in photography I hadn’t even thought about. Bit of a theme going on here me thinks – meet people – get more good business ideas……..hmm. Far better that sat at the computer wondering why the phone isn’t ringing.

Went to photograph Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Reed on Thursday. Peter, who was in the mens “Beijing” coxless four with Andy Hodge, Steve Williams and Tom James is also a serving Royal Naval Officer and has been given funding and support by the Navy to continue his rowing to London 2012.

I shot this pic of Peter in colour and converted it to b&w in Photoshop but kept is gold Lieutenant’s rings in colour. You see this effect used quite often, especially in wedding photography. I rarely do it as it can be overdone. Rather like people who overuse an ultra wide “fish eye” lens. This is something to do occasionally.

Did a really nice pr job Friday with another Beijing Gold Medalist, the sprinter Christine Ohuruogu. Christine was getting moulded in plaster in preparation for a fragmented bronze statue by the artist Ben Dearnly. It was rather messy but Christine was a great sport and stayed still enough for the plaster to dry. Ben has also done bronzes of the rowers Steve Williams and Debbie Flood and is hoping to plaster a few more Olympians along the way to London 2012.