200 Recruitment PA’s and Their Headshots

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my job is the number of different events I am invited to work at and as always it was a pleasure to be invited to Vanessa Vallely’s event on June 12th 2014. The event played host to 200 PA’s from Hays the recruitment company.

Karen Johnson by The Headshot Guy
Karen Johnson by The Headshot Guy

When talking to the lovely ladies that stepped in front of the camera I was amazed by how many of them mentioned that they always recommend their clients to have professional headshots done but that they had not had their own taken before now. The majority agreed that a headshot is a great tool to reinforce their professionalism in front of their target audience. It also supports the advice that they are giving their own clients, if they have their own headshot in place it strengthens their advice when recommending their client should have a professional headshot too.

The majority of people are now utilising the internet and platforms such as LinkedIn when looking for employment or when looking to recruit. Before long (if it has not already faded dramatically) the days of posting your CV to potential employers will be a thing of the past, the recruitment process will take place solely online. Therefore, it is essential that you have an image that represents you in a professional manner to accompany the information and experience that you are presenting on your chosen recruitment platform.

With social media going strong people are now more searchable than ever, with more information freely available nowadays and this all has an effect on your personal brand. To uphold your personal brand your image should represent you and your business in the light that you want to be seen and of course you want to be viewed as professional and personable.

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