Professional Headshots in Manchester

Welcome to The Headshot Guy Manchester

Manchester is a great place for business networking and meeting influential business leaders, so creating the right impression from the start is imperative if you want to stay ahead of the game. In today's world of online business communication ensuring your profile image shows you to your full potential will help win you business and make great connections.

We offer a range of professional headshot services for everyone from business professionals to company leadership teams, so we've got your headshot covered.

We not only cover Manchester city centre but also the surrounding areas including Bury, Oldham, Preston and Bolton.

Steve Brennan CEO of Bespoke Digital Agency Preston, Lancashire said "I would pay for the experience even without the photos"

We specialise in creating professional headshots for:

  • Individual entrepreneurs & business professionals
  • Company teams (large & small)
  • Conferences, exhibitions & events

Why you need a professional headshot?

  • Shows you care about your brand
  • Helps to build confidence, trust and engagement with your prospective clients
  • Makes you look professional

Why clients trust us?

  • We only do headshots, brilliantly
  • We have a proven engagement process
  • Guaranteed results - or your money back

Your session includes:

  • Consultation: to understand more about you and what you are hoping to achieve by having a new headshot
  • Preparation guides: to ensure you/your team are ready for your shoot and know what to expect
  • Wardrobe advice: to help select the best colours and styles that suit you and work well on camera
  • The shoot: a combination of coaching, direction and heaps of encouragement guarantees you become confident and relaxed on camera (including our insider tips to make you look photogenic)
  • Shoot and review: images available to view on-screen so you can immediately see how fantastic you look and review what we are trying to achieve as the shoot progresses
  • Online gallery: shortlisted images available usually within 24 hours for you to share and choose your winning shots
  • Fully edited and licensed images: supplied as digital files in different resolutions with options for colour, black & white, crops and different backgrounds

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