What to expect from our headshot service


The headshot service guarantees you look amazing on camera.

Here’s an overview of our headshot service, in a nutshell.

The first thing we do when you arrive at the studio is have a chat about your requirements for a professional headshot and the visual messages you’d like to communicate. We’ll then look through your wardrobe and help choose the best styles and colours to suit you, your target audience and what will work well on camera. 

First takes 
When you’re ready, we’ll get you in front of the camera and take a few shots to see how you photograph. We will direct and guide you on exactly what to do and share with you top tips celebrities use, to look fantastic on camera.  

Shoot and review  
We can review your photos on the computer screen straight away. This allows you to see why we’re getting you to pose in certain ways and discuss your preferred angles. 

Back in front of the camera we will build your headshot portfolio. With our experience & coaching we work hard to get you in the zone and bring out your personality on camera. We build each shot as we go along, by making tiny changes and adjustments, which result in great shots until we’ve got ‘the one’.  We shoot till we feel we’ve got each look covered within your chosen shoot.  

After your shoot 
We email your shortlisted images, in a personal online gallery, so you can easily choose your final selection. This link will be emailed to you usually within 24 hours of your shoot.  

Guaranteed results  
We do feel that we have an incredible eye for detail and know our work is regarded as being the best available. We offer a money back guarantee should you, for any reason, not be amazed with your results.