Questions to ask yourself before booking your shoot

Here are a few questions you should consider before booking your shoot to ensure you get the right headshot.  

  • What’s your primary reason for wanting a professional headshot?  
  • Why are you doing it now & how are you hoping to improve on a previous image? 
  • When do you need it by?  
  • What are the main visual messages you would like to communicate? And are these representative of the core values of your business? (confidence, approachability, trust, professional, caring, fun, quirky…)  
  • Who is your ideal client, or target audience, that you are looking to attract?  
  • What’s the very best thing that can happen, as a result of having a professional headshot? What will achieving that result mean to you?  
  • How many (final) images do you want/need?  
  • Do you need images in different outfits, for different audiences? 
  • Do you need any fuller length or talking head ‘action’ shots?  
  • Have you seen any styles or examples of professional headshot photos that you particularly like? (Send before or bring along)  
  • Have you any particular worries or concerns about being photographed?   
  • Have you thought about where else you could use your headshots? (Website, business card, social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, speaker biography, press releases, book cover, products, roll up banners, email signature, online dating…)  
  • Does your business have brand colours?  
  • Have you got any colleagues that need a professional headshot, which may also improve your company’s management profile?