The Headshot Guy Franchise Opportunity


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The Headshot Guy was formed over six years ago and is widely recognised, as the UK’s leading brand in corporate headshot photography.

The business has now grown to the point, where we require new franchise business partners, to fulfill demand and to continue the development and growth of the company.

With many years of franchising experience behind us, we are keen to find like-minded individuals, that wish to own, grow and enjoy a business, which is not only financially stable, but has a great future ahead.

After reading the information available here, please feel free to contact us on 0800 0234565 or email or fill out the form below and we will call you back.

Our Ethics

We are proud and active members of The British Franchise Association.BFAprovisional high res

Our membership approval, is subject to the BFA’s accreditation committee. All of our procedures, paperwork and legal agreements, have been checked and approved by the BFA.

We have a very open relationship with our franchise network and each individual franchisee. We support each person’s individual needs and requirements, to help them grow their business and maintain great relations with the clients. In return, they enjoy on-going support from ourselves, which enables them to concentrate on growing the business, knowing that they can call upon a support structure at any time.

The Market

 The professional headshot market is huge and largely untapped.

Mike James by John Cassidy The Headshot Guy London

Yes, we have competitors, which is good. It demonstrates that there is a market and demand for the service and ensures that we keep our pencil sharpened!

Our competitors tend to be individual photographers, who have a limited geographical spread. One of our USP’s is to multi office based clients, is that we can reach an office quicker and cheaper (in terms of travel costs), than single photographers.

We have found the “brands” like dealing with and enjoy added security, in dealing with other “brands”. With a memorable and widely recognised brand, the Headshot Guy is already working with other brands such as Microsoft, Dell, The IOD, Barclays, the ACCA, to name a few.

We have various vertical markets that make up the majority of company headshots, which include law, accountancy, pharmaceuticals, professional bodies and the insurance industry.

However, individual people are also waking up to the fact that their online profile is really important, especially if a client, a recruitment agency or their next potential employer is looking at it. Just have a look at LinkedIn, to convince yourself how many individuals require a professional headshot!

The Business

The Headshot Guy business model has three main revenue streams, to support your business. Each is varied, great fun to work within and lead onto further business and referrals. These are –

Events, Exhibitions and Conferences


As a franchisee, you will be attending events and exhibitions, working for clients that are looking to offer something different to their stand.

By offering a professional headshot to delegates on the exhibition floor, we attract a huge amount of additional footfall and interest to the stand. This allows for the clients team, to engage with the delegates queuing for their headshot, giving them an additional sales and engagement opportunities. We can also bespoke and collect data, to provide to the client post event, for their own post event marketing opportunities.

At conferences, you will be taking the professional headshots of client’s team members, as well as giving them a great Headshot Guy experience. This typically leads onto further repeat business for you to enjoy.

There are various service and pricing models here, to offer clients of differing sizes and requirements.

In terms of our own marketing opportunities, our team will win you the opportunity of attending events and exhibitions for your own promotion and marketing activities. This is a great brand waving exercise, which allows you to meet and follow up with your next group of clients.

Team Headshots 


The main revenue generator for your business is taking the professional headshots of staff, within our client businesses. These teams will vary in size, from a few hand full, to businesses with hundreds of staff.

With your specifically designed portable pop-up studio, you will visit these clients and set up your equipment in a meeting room. From there, the staff will visit in regular intervals, to have their personal headshot session with you. You creativity and rapport not only ensures that they have great images to choose from, but they really enjoy their Headshot Guy experience too.

Having made their initial investment, companies will require consistency in the images on their websites moving forwards. We therefore offer Company Top-Up shoots, where an individual can book a studio session with you, paid for by your previous client.

Your travel expenses are typically paid for by the client, leaving you with an excellent return and profit from each job.

Individual Headshots

The Headshot GuyYou will have many individual clients to deal with, with a huge variance on what it is they are trying to achieve.

To cater for this, we have a wide range of different shoots available, for individual clients to choose from. Whether it is a simple LinkedIn shoot, with a 1-image look, or a Powerhour shoot, which allows for multiple wardrobe changes, giving a much wider choice of images to choose from. We also have specialist shoots, for professional speakers, book or product launches etc.

These shoots are held in a serviced office, that you locate, within your franchise marketing territory. By using a serviced office, your clients are met by a receptionist upon arrival and shown to your hired room, ready for the shoot. You do not have a permanent studio, ensuring that your costs are kept low and rooms are only booked when you have clients requiring a shoot.

Our support to you


Operational support is paramount and we provide you a wide range of support services, to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

The quality and standards of our brand, is as important to us, as it is to you, as it is to our clients. We therefore operate a seamless business, which is operationally efficient and client friendly.

As a franchisor, we recognise that ideally, you want to be out, mixing with and taking great headshots of clients. We want that too, as we know that that relationship building is key to your success. Therefore, many office based tasks, such as accounting, editing, sales etc. are managed centrally, allowing you to grow your business through networking and being in the field.

These support services include: –

  • A dedicated sales team, to win you attendance at events and exhibitions, corporate and Individual clients
  • A dedicated finance team, who manages a centralised billing system and supports the cash flow of your business
  • An editing team, that professionally edit the images you take
  • Administration support, through a bespoke CRM and diary management system
  • A marketing team that follow up on the leads that you have generated at events
  • An outsourced service, that ensure you get optimum SEO around your web page and social media exposure

Our support also comes in the form of regular regional meetings, an annual franchise conference and one to one business support sessions.

There is a great team spirit within the business and we expect all the franchisees to contribute to the growing success of the brand.

So what’s next?

If you would like to learn more about a Headshot Guy franchise opportunity, then please contact us and we can send you a franchise prospectus and a application form.

Once you have returned the application for, we will contact you to arrange a one to one meeting, typically in the territory that you are interested in.

The meeting will go much further into the operation and business model and will give you the opportunity of immersing yourself into the “nuts and bolts” of the business.

If both parties wish to move forwards, then you will enter a period of homeworking, which will include spending time at an event, with one of our other franchisees, building a business plan and investigating potential clients and events within your territory.

Lastly, we will never offer you a franchise; you will need to go through this process and then convince us that this is something that you really want to do and are committed to its success.

Please enter your details to receive a hard copy of our franchise prospectus.