The Headshot Guy Central London (Holborn)

Welcome to The Headshot Guy Central London

We specialise in creating professional headshots for:

  • Individual Entrepreneurs & Business professionals
  • Company Teams (large & small)
  • Conferences, Exhibitions & Events

Why you need a professional headshot?

  • Shows you care about your brand
  • Helps to build confidence, trust and engagement with your prospective clients
  • Makes you look professional

Why clients trust us?

  • We only do headshots
  • We have a proven engagement process
  • Guaranteed results – or your money back

Your session includes:

  • Visual Branding Consultation: to understand a little more about you and what you are hoping to achieve by having a new headshot (subject to shoot option).
  • Preparation Guides: to ensure you’re fully ready for your shoot and know what to bring along.
  • Wardrobe Advice: to help select the best colours and styles that suit you and work well on camera.
  • Optional Hair and make-up: to ensure you are looking your absolute best (subject to additional fee).
  • The shoot: a combination of coaching, direction and heaps of fun to guarantee you become confident and totally relaxed on camera. (including our top secret tips to make you look more photogenic…)
  • Shoot and review: so you can see how fantastic you look what we are trying to achieve as the shoot progresses.
  • Wardrobe changes: so you get a variety of different looks (subject to shoot option)
  • Shortlist: help to narrow down your shortlist of potential winners
  • Online Gallery: for you to share with friends and choose your winning shots at your leisure.
  • Fully edited and licensed images: supplied as digital files in different resolutions and crops.

Your Photographer: Gary Manhine 

Gary Manhine is the Headshot Guy Central London. Gary’s photographic career began shortly after leaving school, working for an industrial and commercial photographer in London, learning the trade as an assistant, before moving into the company darkrooms. He subsequently went to photography school, studying photography for four years. During this time, he worked as a photographer in the London Dungeons and if you ever went there in the 90’s and pretended to get your head chopped off for a photo, it could well have been Gary who took the pic. He’s also worked as a cruise ship photographer and for local and regional press. Amongst the famous people he has photographed include the Queen, Madonna, Leona Lewis, Tony Blair, David Cameron,  Lionel Messi. Gary’s mission with The Headshot Guy, is so much more than just creating a quality image of you. It’s about creating an image which is going to help facilitate your future professional growth. When not photographing, Gary can be found in London’s Jazz Café, reading the paper or in his local café with a black coffee or putting the world to rites over a pint with some friends.


Studio Location: Our Central London Headshot Studio is situated in Lincolns Inn Fields, a few minutes’ walk from Holborn Tube station on the Central Line.

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