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John Cassidy – The Headshot Guy®

John Cassidy believes there’s a great headshot in everyone, no matter how photogenic you think you are. His goal is camera invisibility – Yet so many people loose the ability to express themselves the moment they step in front of a camera and end up looking lost and vacant.

John’s work is 90% people. Using a combination of coaching, direction, fun and his natural ability to connect with people, he allows your inner confidence to shine through on camera.

John started his photographic career in the Royal Air Force where one of the highlights was to officially photograph HRH Queen Elizabeth II. And as he didn’t end up in the Tower of London, he must have done a pretty good job. He then freelanced for The Times where he was commissioned to photograph world class sports stars such as David Beckham, Andy Murray and Jonny Wilkinson.

Now John focuses his lens on professionals from the world of business. Allowing them to create a visual marketing tool that inspires confidence, reflects success and attracts opportunities. He also speaks professionally where he reveals the secret to looking photogenic on camera.

Our mission is to Light People Up…

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